haz restaurant: Great foods, services & impressive selection of wine in City of London.
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haz Restaurant

About Us

haz Restaurant is a modern Mediterranean restaurant. haz claims all of its restaurants as the ultimate haven for those who would like to capture the true essence of the Mediterranean in the mist of London. With exquisite service and a world-renowned wine list haz promises to give you a dedicated experience that will take you to the heart of modern day Turkey.

The menu presents an elegant, contemporary take on the traditional Mediterranean cuisine. The renowned Turkish cuisine is presented in the upmost quality ingredients with exceptional presentation. haz ensures every dish on the menu is a reflection of those traditional dishes and techniques used throughout the Mediterranean peninsula and Anatolia
When you combine the alluring interior design, the flawless service and unrivalled cuisine, you can understand why haz Restaurant has been so admired since it first opened its doors in 2001.

The haz Restaurant’s are also experienced in private caters, delivering an experience that you will remember, be it a birthday party, christening, wedding anniversaries, engagement party or just an evening’s edible with family and friends. haz allows you to create a specialised menu of two, three or even four course meals.

At haz we want everyone to enjoy their few hours away from the city crowd and really embrace Turkish hospitality which they are so famous for. We welcome everyone with a warm greeting and wish everyone a divine lunch or astonishing evening with delight…