HAZ — Mediterranean Restaurant in City of London

The spirit of the Mediterranean

The spirit of the Mediterranean
The spirit of the Mediterranean

The spirit of the Mediterranean

Our story

The story of Haz started over 22 years ago when founders
Haci, Zafer and Ahmed opened their first restaurant in
Cutler Street. It was a venture that brought together three
like-minded individuals with a shared passion for authentic
Mediterranean cuisine, excellent service and warm
hospitality. It was this magic combination that meant before
long, their restaurant was filling up day and night.


Locals would visit to sample an explosive menu ranging
from classic Mezes to mouthwatering grills to modern
interpretations of timeless classics. And there’s one
thing guaranteed with good old Mediterranean
hospitality, you never leave hungry!

A lot has changed since then, but our core values
remain. And it’s those values that keep people coming
back. If you don’t believe us, join us for a bite and
be part of our journey. Because 22 years on and 5
restaurants later, the Haz story is becoming
a memorable one.

Introducing Olea Social

An exciting new chapter in the Haz story.. We’re proud
to introduce you to our sister restaurant and she’s
beautiful. Olea Social takes the very best of the
Mediterranean, and mixes it together to create little
mouthfuls of magic. This is a true celebration of a
dynamic and sun kissed landscape. Think fresh,
flavoursome, sensory and outrageous…and that’s pretty
much Olea Social. It’s as much delicious food as it
is…well, a social. It's our very own Mediterranean
oasis in the heart of the city. Come join us, you know
you want to.


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